Long Distance

     At Zip to Zip Moving, we know the success of any long distance move relies on effective communication and proper coordination between the company and the customer. 

     Many factors must be taken into consideration when planning a move that may take place over the course of days or even weeks, and you can feel confident and rest easy with our team of highly skilled professionals on the job. 

     As the top long distance movers in New Jersey, we strive to continuously deliver courteous, timely service, while ensuring customer satisfaction remains our number one priority. Your move will be handled with the professional, efficient and punctual service Zip to Zip Moving is known for.

We offer:

- Complete Preparation

- Secured Time Slots

- Specialty Packing

- Friendly and Highly Trained Staff

We provide free insurance which covers $0.60 per pound, per article. Please contact the customer service representative to get receive detailed information on additional insurance coverage.  



Full Packing

Partial Packing

You Pack everything

We bring packing materials and pack everything for you.


You pack as much as you want and we do the rest.

You pack your belongings.

With any packing method, we will always blanket wrap your furniture to prevent damage during transit.


Full Unpacking

Partial Unpacking

You Unpack everything

Unpack all boxes and place contents in the proper location, remove blankets from furniture and position furniture where requested.

Uncover furniture with wrapped with blankets, place every box in the correct room, and unpack requested boxes.

Remove blankets from the furniture, place boxes in the correct rooms.


Many items require disassembly before they are moved in order to fit through doorways, or to ensure they are being safely relocated. Our team of professionals will disassemble and reassemble your items as part of the moving service. We bring all necessary tools and materials to manage your large or complex belongings.

This includes:

Beds, Desks, Oversized Lamps, Tables, Chairs, Sofas, Couches, Loveseats, Ottomans, Gym Equipment, Custom Cabinetry, Over-sized furniture, Wall Units, Entertainment Centers and anything else that required special handling.

Flat-Rate Pricing may be considered after our professionals evaluate the amount of belongings, distance and time needed for the move. 


Cost will be based on the following factors:


Based on the distance of your destination, you will be given price per pound.


Before the truck is loaded, it is weighed at a government regulated weigh station. After loading the truck, we weigh the truck again, and the difference is the actual weight of the items. This is calculated with the pre-agreed price per pound. 

Packing Materials

The cost of packing materials and speciality containers used to pack your belonging for safe transportation.

Fuel/Workers Compensation

Between 2%-10% of the charge for fuel and workers compensation will be added. The percentage will be determined by the distance of your move.


We know there is a lot to do when preparing for a move. A smooth move starts with the right supplies, and Zip to Zip Moving is here to help. We offer high quality boxes and specialty moving supplies.

Please contact us to set up delivery of packing materials prior to your move. You may also purchase supplies the day of your move if needed, as our moving trucks are equipped with all needed packing materials and moving supplies.  


Book Box

Less then 3 cu. ft

Linen Box

3 cu. ft

Medium Linen Box

4.5 cu. ft


Large Linen Box

6 cu. ft

Dish/China Box

Wardrobe box+ bars

Legal File Box

Letter File Box

Picture Frame

TV Box

Flat TV Box

Mirror Cartons


Packing Paper

Shrink Wrap

Mattress Cover

Lamp Box

Wine bottle Box

Chandelier Box

Bubble Wrap


Every truck is equipped specialized moving equipment to ensure your move is timely, safe and smooth. 

Tool Box

Modern tools to assemble and dissasamble, and all necessary equipment for furniture care and transport.

Dollies & Hand Trucks

For loading and unloading boxes and furniture. Allows heavy items and appliances to be moved with ease.


To reach high places in the home, and securely place items in truck on the upper level.

Piano Bar

To prevent damage by supporting heavy pianos during transport.

Straps & Fasteners

To secure your belongings in the truck, and ensure they do not shift while driving.


Cover furniture to protect it from scratches and damage.

Floor Runner

Protect floors from scratches and dings.


Allows for faster and safer loading and unloading of the truck.

Our trucks are also equipped with safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, safety triangles, wheel chocks, and a first aid kit, and our movers utilize personal safety equipment such as gloves and lifting belts.